Ray's Sporting Events

Here's some of the random organized sporting events in which I've taken part (or in which I'm planning to take part) since I started keeping track.  Some of these are races; some of them aren't.  Note that as of the time of my writing this, I haven't actually been competitive at any of them, and I don't claim otherwise.  I'm just doing them for fun, so don't give me a hard time about my performances.  Perhaps one of these days I'll start to show some speed.  And perhaps not!

Some of these trip reports are pretty basic; some of them were written quite a while after the events they describe.  Going forward, I'll try to keep them more or less au courant (pardon my French); I apologize in advance if occasionally I find that inspiration to write is lacking.  After all, I know that I have a huge community of fans who spend much of their time looking forward to reading more of my trip reports.

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